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Yellow Unions Always Support Capitalism

Editor’s Note: This article comes to us from the former General Secretary of the WFTU George Mavrikos
(Photo: The former leader of the IMF [International Monetary Fund] greets, with a huge hug of friendship, the top leader of the ITUC [International Trade Union Confederation])

We read that the ITUC leadership is holding a voting and asking the unions to vote for one boss from around the world who is a bad employer. Brothers and sisters don’t get fooled and think “what a nice idea…”!

The top ranks of the ITUC are always working underground, in the dark. Their aim is to show that a specific person, a particular corporation, and not capitalism is to blame; That supposedly there are some bad bosses but there are also good capitalists, that there are also just bourgeois.

The words capitalism and capitalist exploitation, the word monopolies and imperialism are forbidden words for their leading cadres. For them, whoever even pronounces such words must not repeat them!!!!

Shame on you misters! The system of social exploitation and its governments are the cause of the suffering of workers all over the world.


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